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The Shows of 2010

Posted in concert, indie rock, music, personal by echan on January 6, 2011

I was going to do a post on the 10 books that I read in 2010 (not “best” books, mind you, but the 10 books that I read in full) under the mistaken impression that I wrote a post about the books that I read in 2009. It turns out, however, that my only year-end round-up post last year was the Best Shows of 2009. So, in the spirit of that post, here’s the 2010 edition.

Although I saw more acts this year (my unscientific count via TwitFlick photos is 28), I thought 2010 was only a “meh” concert year overall.* So, instead, I’m just going to list shows that I really really liked (once again in good to better to best order):

10. Phantogram at the Indy – Such a big sound for such a simple 2-person duo.

9.  Mirah and Thao Nguyen at Noisepop – This sounds bad, but it was actually quite good: this show = your Gender Studies T.A.’s performing while a bit drunk.

8.  Massive Attack at the Warfield – This one occupies the spot of “Triphop band from the 90s that I’ve been waiting forever to see.” With EXCELLENT SCROLLING VISUALS.

7.  Pavement at the Greek – And to compliment #8, this one occupies the spot of “Grandfather of all Indie Bands from the 90s that I’ve been waiting forever to see.”

6.  The Morning Benders at the Independent – I’ll let my pal Wenlin’s cartoon speak for this night.

5. The National at the Independent (Correction – GDubrow points out in the comments that this was at the Fox in Oakland. My memory failed me because I didn’t think that I could get that close to the stage at the Fox) – I thought Matt Berninger and the band engaged the crowd more at Treasure Island (with the quips that only Matt is allowed to wear suits and that “Slow Show” is the National song that’s most often played at weddings), but it can’t beat the spot that we had at the Indy the Fox.

4. Band of Horses at the Independent – The only thing that could have made this show better was a duet with Cee-lo (or Cudi).

3.  DeadMau5 at Treasure Island Fest – This is the year that I converted from being an Indie Sunday to Dance Saturday person at T.I. Fest. The Mau5 was a huge reason why. Oonce oonce oonce

2.  Thom Yorke at the Warfield Fox (addendum: My brain completely erased the knowledge of the existence of the Fox Theater in Oakland while writing this post) – If it wasn’t for Arcade Fire, Mr. Yorke (one day, Sir Yorke, when William is king?) would automatically get the number one spot.  This show was a reminder to take Eraser out again, and give it another good listen (in fact, just writing this post is forcing me to put Eraser on).

1. Arcade Fire at the Greek – Though I’m still not in love with The Suburbs, this was the first concert that made me cry in a long time. There’s something about this band, where the crowd wails out in unison, and feels better afterwards. Collective catharsis, however cheesy that may sound.

*I started this post thinking that 2010 was a “meh” year, but by the time I’ve reached this part of the post, I’m pretty darn satisfied with what the 2010 concert calendar delivered.  No Portishead, but I’ve decided that “Waiting for Portishead” is the new “Waiting for Godot.”

**Peter Hook and Co. playing all of Unknown Pleasures, LCD Soundsystem at the Fillmore, the Magnetic Fields at the Herbst, and Hot Chip at the Warfield Fox probably deserve some kind of honorable mention, but whatever.

***Vampire Weekend at the Warfield gets the award for “loudest concert of the year.” My ears are still ringing from that show.

****With 4 3 different venues on my list, The Independent wins my vote for favorite venue of 2010. I’m a bit amazed the the Fillmore isn’t on this list at all. And I’m amazed that I forgot that a couple of the shows were at the beautiful, albeit acoustically challenged Fox in Oakland.


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  1. greg said, on January 6, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Great list. And not just because I was at half the shows as well. Oh, The National was the Fox Theater. Though I’m loving the thought of seeing them at the Indy. How great would that be?

  2. Greg said, on January 14, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    I don’t go to as many concerts as you do, but we were both at the Greek for Arcade Fire. I guess we both cried, too:

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