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The Other Road Not Taken

Posted in books by echan on August 20, 2010

I haven’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, but I suspect that I’ll at some point end up watching the movie.  As far as chick-lit fairy tales go, I think it’s harmless, even if it promotes a certain sense of spiritual narcissism.

One book that I would like to read is one that died before it’s arrival, a memoir by Gilbert’s jilted ex-husband.  While it appears that he got to love after their divorce (he’s now happily married with two kids), he went in a different direction.  Instead of eating in Italy or refining his yoga poses, the perfectly nice man that Gilbert left, “journeys through Kosovo, Mongolia, Iran, Iraq, and other developing countries, working with people displaced by natural disaster and armed conflict.”  It’s sad that the book deal fell apart, supposedly over his refusal to salaciously spice it up with stories about Gilbert, because I think that his approach to something as painful as a divorce, serves as a nice contrast to Gilbert’s.

Addendum: Perhaps Gilbert deserves more credit.  She’s set to lobby Congress for immigration / same sex partner equality.


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