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Hey, Messieurs Spielberg and Hanks, This is Right Up Your Alley

Posted in history by echan on April 15, 2010

On KQED this morning, I heard a story about a gathering at the National Holocaust Museum of World War II veterans who helped to liberate concentration camps in WWII (I can’t find a link to the NPR piece, but here is the WaPo’s coverage of the event).  One of the men interviewed was a Japanese American soldier who spoke about the irony of being drafted into the Army and then having to ask for permission to go on leave to visit his parents, who were interned at a camp in Oklahoma.  Until I heard his interview, I had no idea that his all Japanse American battallion, the 522nd Field Artillery Battallion, were some of the first Allied troops to help liberate Dachau.  Japanese American troops with families in internment camps, coming across a concentration camp. Between Schindler’s List, Empire of the Sun, and the eighth episode of Band of Brothers, I have no idea why this hasn’t been made into a movie yet.  So, Steven and Tom, get on it!

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