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Posted in music, personal by echan on December 3, 2009

In an era when most of my new music comes from some combination of NPR, music blogs, web radio, eMusic recommendations, and word of mouth, tonight’s Morrissey concert is a reminder that I am old (but good old).  Yes, I still buy CD’s (though most of them come via Amazon delivery, with infrequent stops at Green Apple), but Morrissey is a reminder there was a time when the highlight of a trip to Boston was a stop at Newbury comics to buy the Peel Sessions EP of the Smiths.  Or that each winter break home from college involved a trip to Amoeba to load up on Electronica (a word that feels as dated as Disneyland’s shuttered Futureland).  It’s a nice way to time travel back to 1999 (though I know other members of the audience will set their clock on 1989).


Also, after seeing the umpteenth tweet from a friend to the effect of “I’ve got WiFi in the sky, 30,000 feet, bitches!” I’ve the the phrase “Remember your first time,” stuck in my head.  While I may not remember the first time I used a mobile phone or sent a text, I can still remember the first time I interneted on a plane (Oct. 2009).  I already take it for granted.


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  1. faarapu said, on December 5, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Ahh! I wanted to go to that concert but had class till 9 😦

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