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I Love the Aughties

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on November 12, 2009

While the decade isn’t officially ending until January 1, 2011, mentally and emotionally, it’ll be over in 50 days. (50 days!)  This Intelligent Life asked a bunch of aesthetes to define the 00’s stylistically, and one response jumped off of the screen, and into my head:

Something that spools from these is that we don’t really have style subcultures anymore. Instead we have a playlist culture, where you’re allowed to mash up everything around you in a sort of pick’n’mix. Someone like the slightly gothy, rocky designer Rick Owens will have his moment of mainstream high-street influence at the same time as high-concept design from Viktor & Rolf, the slightly nerdy chic of Kanye West, and, say, day-glo. You have this simultaneous jam.

And this is the sound of playlist culture.



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