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Curtains Were Invented for a Reason

Posted in Internets, personal, privacy by echan on October 13, 2009

I’m going to preface this post by admitting that at times, I have not followed the edict posted below. But, I think that I do a pretty good job of not blogging/facebooking/tweeting about truly traumatizing events.  At least, not without deliberating a little bit and letting everything sink in, so that I can compose something that’s a little bit more analytical, rather than raw emotion (the times when raw emotion did peek through, I think that for the most part, access was password-protected).


I’ve been slightly discomforted lately by what Salon calls the era of the “Facebook Divorce.”  Some friends have been oversharing, and I just want to give them one of those ever so rare-EChan hugs, before throwing them in a closet until their emotions settle down, so that they don’t mourn in public.  This is akin to escorting the wailing widow at a funeral who collapses at the casket to the side room, to stop all of her friends and family from gawking at her.  Yes, mourning should be shared, but quietly, for if not, you get a whole lot of rubberneckers, and leave your friends with that oh-so-icky feeling.


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