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First Race, and Now Weight

Posted in politics by echan on July 22, 2009

I’m going to keep this short, but I am alarmed that when it comes to female Obama appointees, so much attention is paid to weight.  Attention to weight is the new chauvinism.

First, while Obama was looking at SCOTUS noms, some derided one potential nominee, the brilliant, Elena Kagan (whose signature marks my J.D.), and the current nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, for being too fat, under the guise that they would have a shorter life expectancy.

Now, Fox News and the more neutral ABC News are turning the spotlight on Dr. Regina Benjamin, Obana’s Surgeon General pick.  The argument? She’s a bad health role model because she’s overweight. The message, “Hey, let’s completely obscure her achievements as a MacArthur Genius grant recipient who founded a medical clinic to serve the rural poor in Louisiana and instead focus on her waistline in judging her ability to promote health.”  Is there really nothing baser than calling a woman “fat”?

It’s one thing to promote a standard of beauty that promotes “skinniness” as the ideal for fashion models, it’s another to judge very talented and high-achieving woman who are at the top of their respective fields based on weight.  Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.  The Sarah Palin Runners World spread may be proof enough, that America, like Italy, prefers “hot” female politicians, regardless of experience.


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