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Fitting Harvard’s Five-Foot Shelf in One’s Pocket with a Thin Wallet

Posted in books, tech / Internets, technology by echan on July 1, 2009

Perhaps, in time, the Kindle will make it to my list of top 10 happiness-producing purchases.

I wasn’t alerted to scope of the free content available on the Kindle (I’m too lazy to send my Kindle files from Project Guttenberg), until Robin Sloan pointed out that the Kindle public domain download for Trollope’s The Way We Live Now.

This got me to thinking, about the Great Books, particularly Harvard’s Five-Foot Shelf.  Instead of running to the bookstore, 50 volumes are available (I’m guessing mostly for free, since they are in the public domain) with a few pushes of the thumb.

I’m still amazed that  I can carry around the library of Alexandria in my purse, ’tis all.


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