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Are All These People With Dirty Hands Onto Something?

Posted in It's the Economy by echan on June 10, 2009

As a follow-up to Michael Pollan’s line that farming is trendy the final bit of Maria Baritomo’s interview of not-George Soros, but the other one, Jim Rogers leapt out at me:

But I really think agriculture is going to be the best place to be. Agriculture’s been a horrible business for 30 years. For decades the money shufflers, the paper shufflers, have been the captains of the universe. That is now changing. The people who produce real things [will be on top]. You’re going to see stockbrokers driving taxis. The smart ones will learn to drive tractors, because they’ll be working for the farmers. It’s going to be the 29-year-old farmers who have the Lamborghinis. So you should find yourself a nice farmer and hook up with him or her, because that’s where the money’s going to be in the next couple of decades.

The Farmer as Rockstar. What a new old world we live in.


Oh, and speaking of future rockstars, the monthly Rumpus rocked out yesterday with one of my favorite local artists, Thao Nguyen.


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  1. ToastyKen said, on June 10, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Or, as that t-shirt Mr. Spellicy commissioned in high school said,

    “Blessed are the horny hands of toil.” –James Russell Lowell

  2. ToastyKen said, on June 10, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Also, I want to marry Thao Nguyen. Especially now that she beatboxes! That’s new!

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