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Plot Devices and Cellular Devices

Posted in media, tech / Internets by echan on April 12, 2009

I’ll admit that Gossip Girl is not great television, but it is one of my guilty pleasures.  I’m guessing that Matt Richtel, a writer for the New York Times, has never seen an episode based on his piece in today’s Times, where he laments, “Technology is rendering obsolete some classic narrative plot devices: missed connections, miscommunications, the inability to reach someone.”  In Gossip Girl, the opposite is true, text messages and phone calls propel the plot forward, and oftentimes divide people, or reveal truths at inopportune moments.

Part of me still waiting for the “novel” of our time (or at least for this part of the naughty Aughts),  and I think whoever will be annointed the next big literary voice will be a writer who masters incorporating the “always connected” state of being with a good story.  Or maybe, I’m completely wrong because the type of people who would get this, don’t read books anymore.


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