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Why, The Wild Things Are Everywhere

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on March 26, 2009

Thanks to one of my Freshman year literature TA’s, I cannot separate thinking about Where the Wild Things Are and The Odyssey in tandem. (The TA’s thesis was that the kid’s journey back to his room in Where the Wild Things Are mirrored Oddyseus’s journey back to Penelope in The Oddysey.)

And now, thanks to the trailer for the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, the children’s book is now irrevocably tied to Arcade Fire.  Since the director of the adaptation is Spike Jonze, it’s also somehow connected to his entire weird cannon of work.  Plus, there’s also the Dave Eggers link since he adapted the little book into a full length film (and got more seed money for 826 Valencia.)


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