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And then it had a name

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on March 14, 2009

David Denby taught me something in his essay about Mumblecore.  I now have a name for the genre of the movie that I utterly LOATHED at Sundance. I wonder if the “lower level of intensity” that Denby describes in the excerpt below can be attributed to Gen Y’s general blandness (I’m a biased Gen X-er, y’know):

Youth is the subject of mumblecore and also the condition of its existence. But these sociable movies exist at a lower level of intensity than comparable youth-loving movies of the past. The young people in the quickly made Godard movies of the sixties dreamed of becoming gangsters, thieves, revolutionaries—characters, so to speak, in a movie. The studs and the female “superstars” of the Warhol films played at Hollywood glamour while enacting the ceremonies of decadence and self-destruction. Mumblecore disdains flamboyance; its reigning mood is diffidence.


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