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Posted in personal, Uncategorized by echan on February 13, 2009

Okay, Johns Hopkins, or #JHU on Twitter, here is my third year in Baltimore (as I previously warned you, this was the boring year, where I got awesome grades and didn’t drink any alcohol).

Sept. 5, 199x: Moved into the Dell House today & they pulled a corpse out of the park across the street this wk. At least the rent is cheap on this side of campus.

Sept. 20, 199x: People are accusing Norio and me of being the skinniest roommates ever. We have a scary BMI.

Oct. 11, 199x: Happy Birthday Korean Goth Boy.  Don’t carve “FAILURE” into your arm again.

Oct. 17, 199x: @bacongonzo let us celebrate the anniversary of the Loma Prieta quake and your birthday, right now with steak.

Oct. 30, 199x: Ha ha, we’re making jokes about how @edcho enjoyed the company of Johnboy’s mom last night.  I know, I know, crass humor.

Nov. 8, 199x: Ran into @p0tat0head today at the computer lab. Haven’t seen that Fob in ages.

Nov. 26, 199x: I’m supposed to be in New Haven for Team Rower Thanksgiving, but I’m at the Cheesecake Factory in Inner Harbor. Something is wrong here.

Nov. 26, 199x: Kenners hates me because I’m not in New Haven for Thanksgiving.  He’s not going to talk to me for 6 mon.

Nov. 27, 199x: So, I was guilt tripped into keeping the Team Rower tradition alive, thus, I am in NYC.

Nov. 29, 199x: The line for the observation deck at the WTC is too long.  So, we walked in and walked out.

Dec. 18, 199x: Done with finals and final papers.  I’m free.

Jan. 19, 199x: @warrenchang has been playing a lot of Tetris attack at the Dell.

Jan. 25, 199x: Do you know what’s the best cure for a cold day? Dol sol bi bim bop at Nam Kang.

Feb. 2, 199x: I never see @mehbee anymore; she’s always in Boston.

Feb. 16, 199x: At Uni Minimart with @mehbee, Norio, and Johnby getting a meatball sub.

Feb. 27, 199x: Avocado bird’s nest sandwich at Papermoon with @edcho & @warrenchang. Yum.

Feb. 27, 199x: The papermoon short order cook is laughing at the argument I’m having with @warrenchang abt China & Communism.

Mar. 1, 199x: On my way to the Rotunda for LSAT prep classes.

Mar. 8, 199x: Gonna skip LSAT prep classes today; I don’t think I’m going to be a lawyer anyway.

Mar. 15, 199x: Just sent in my application for Loveboat, um, I mean, the Taiwan Study Tour.

Mar. 31, 199x: I think they took Norio to “the Block” for his birthday.

Apr. 10, 199x: Heading over to the NOCHUNK house to watch X-Files with @bacongonzo & Stevie Wah.

April 10, 199x: Mulder, I want to believe.

Apr. 17, 199x: Stopping by Prof. Walters’ office for office hours. I love his American West history class b/c we can talk about California history.

Apr. 25, 199x: Went to check out an apt. in the Carlyle.  It’s official, moving back in with @mehbee for Senior year.

May 16, 199x: Been at the computer lab for 15 hours. @mehbee says that I’m dressed like an egg (yellow undershirt, white sweater).

May 18, 199x: Done! Now, I just have to pack my things for my flight from BWI>OAK in 3 hours.

May 19, 199x: Summer’s here – LSAT studying, then off to Taiwan & HK.


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  1. Warren said, on February 15, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    i have a feeling that your twitter feed from frosh to junior years could have been have been much juicier if only you lacked fear of the consequences, both immediate and long-term. ooh, the possibilities!

    however, i’m enjoying these very much. btw, i feel somewhat vindicated that in the decade or so since our conversation about china, it has decided to occupy tibet among other evils.

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