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The Sophomore Slump

Posted in personal by echan on February 4, 2009

The JHU experience in Twitter form, Part 2 of 4:

Sept. 3, 199x: Move in day at Homewood. I can’t believe Amers got #1 in the housing lottery, we lucked out.

Sept. 4, 199x: One of my roomie’s parents does not like us; I think they are racist.

Sept. 5, 199x: I’m so glad that Korean goth boy brought his silver Caddie back to Bmore. This car is an effing tank.

Sept. 10, 199x: My roomie’s parent’s are definitely racist. They are threatening to pull her out of #JHU & send her to Rutgers if she doesn’t break up with her Indian bf.

Sept. 10, 199x: I can hear my roomie cursing her parents on the phone. I’ve never addressed my mom with 4-letter words.

Sept. 22, 199x: Going to hang out over at @erichuang1 @bacongonzo and steviewah’s place to play video games.

Oct. 11, 199x: Taking Korean goth boy out to dinner for his birthday.

Oct. 17, 199x: Why am I dancing to Biggie in the basement of the Lambda house? Biggie Biggie can’t you see / Sometimes your words just hypnotize me. That’s why.

Oct. 31, 199x: In New Haven visiting Kenners & friend from debate camp. My last minute Halloween costume is goth girl (black hooded top & long black skirt).

Nov. 9, 199x: @warrenchang & i are discussing how the Korean goth girl would be perfect for Korean goth boy.  Too bad, she’s too heavy & has a skinny bf.

Nov. 15, 199x: Laughing @mehbee in her K D Phi uniform, white cords & a purple turtleneck all the time.

Nov. 27, 199x: Yay, Team Rower is in Baltimore for Thanksgiving. 2 years in a row, I hope this becomes a tradition.

Nov. 28, 199x: At the Mall in DC with Team Rower. We just took the most inappropriate photo of Wanners in front the Washington monument.

Dec. 20, 199x: Home, sweet home. I love SF.

Jan. 5, 199x: It’s rained every single day since I’ve been home. What’s up with this El Nino?

Jan. 9, 199x: At Hamburger Haven having breakfast with Pau Pau. She just covered her pancakes with ketchup.

Feb. 5, 199x: I met this cool girl, TT, in my Post Colonial Lit seminar.

Feb. 10, 199x: Georgetown med student wants to come to Baltimore to see the Degas ballet dancer exhibit at the BMA? Please be less transparent.

Feb. 15, 199x: Done with practicing my French at the *zzz…* BMA with Georgetown Med Student. He made it to final stage Rhodes scholarship interview rounds. Too bad he’s boring.

Feb. 19, 199x: Reading Franz Fanon for the first time. I’m sad this man died young. Manifesto’s are fun reading.

Mar. 2, 199x: Woke up about 10 mins ago. @mehbee and i are wondering about the ID of the owner of the men’s shoes in front of Amer’s door.

Mar. 2, 199x: Ooh, we now know who those shoes belong to, but I’m not going to @ and out this person.

Mar. 10, 199x: My cousin told me that when you have a kid, you loose a cupsize. I told this to Amers & she thinks her chest will go concave.

Mar. 19, 199x: @tonystubblebine came all the way from Grinnell to visit Team Rower on the East Coast.

Mar. 19, 199x: I can’t entertain @tonystubblebine tonight because I’m going to the Portishead show at the 9:30 Club.

Mar. 19, 199x: I just made a comment to Korean goth boy about Portishead’s “Only You” at the show.

Mar. 19, 199x: Beth Gibbons is quivering and hiding her face behind the microphone.

Mar. 22, 199x: At Brown w/ @tonystubblebine visiting cinders and WT. Peanut butter, cheese, salami sandwiches are our food of choice this weened.

Apr. 5, 199x: It’s 6 a.m. and I have a paper due in 3 hours. *scream*

Apr. 6, 199x: @mehbee is giving me sheiss for the trail of kix I left behind in the kitchen.

Apr. 11, 199x: At Papermoon with Johnboy, @edcho & @warrenchang. I will reaffirm what I have tweeted before, @edcho is one of the smartest people I know.

Apr. 25, 199x: Going to the Sound Garden in Fells with Korean goth boy to buy CDs.

Apr. 29, 199x: Listening to the New Order Peels Sessions that I just picked up.

May 16, 199x: I think my roommates are going to kill me for letting my loud buzzer go off every 10 min. for 2 hours.

June 5, 199x: I didn’t get a 4.0, but I got mostly A’s and a couple of A-minuses this entire year. Dropping premed was the best decision ever.


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  1. @nna said, on February 4, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    hehe this is a great trek down memory lane… i remember the kix and alarm clock fondly!

  2. Warren said, on February 9, 2009 at 9:06 am

    your memory a past events is frightening; please tell me this twitterfeed is based off a journal/diary and not solely from your wonderful noggin. are we going to be blessed with junior/senior/combination-thereof feeds?

  3. eflan said, on February 9, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    @warrenchang – the dates are approximate, so i’m just trying to remember specific things each year.

    i will admit that i can only draft these posts while drinking a couple of glasses of wine.

    junior year sometime this week, i hope? (i think junior year was the most boring).

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