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Posted in Uncategorized by echan on October 15, 2008

Nearly three months after I made my observation, Slate finally calls the FAIL meme too:

It helped that the two events occurred at the same time—Google searches for fail surged in early 2008, around the same time the mortgage crisis started to pick up steam. And the ubiquity of phrases like “failed mortgages” and “bank failures” seemed to echo the popular meme, which may have helped usher the term out of 4chan boards and onto blogs. It’s rare that an Internet fad finds such a suitable mainstream vehicle for its dissemination. It’s as if LOLcats coincided with a global outbreak of some feline adorability virus.


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  1. ToastyKen said, on October 16, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    I think this one is my favorite of the fails they listed:

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