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Posted in It's the Economy, personal by echan on October 7, 2008

While I was in Baltimore last last weekend, I went into a mid-range purse shop with an old college friend, who is currently posting this link as her status message with glee (she’s midday through a PhD program).  Everything in the shop was 30% off, and she thought that they were great bargains, since the $600+ bags were marked down.  That’s when I turned to her and said, “But T, no one is buying $600 bags right now.  That’s why everything is on sale.”

When I got to NYC, I did a little bit of shopping, but I was more restrained than on past trips.  I walked into Takashimaya and ignored the call of $100 candles, which are my weakness.  In a lot of ways, I’ve always been fiscally sober, but as someone who saw her future destiny as a yuppie since high school, this sure doesn’t feel like the good life.

Then, I remind myself that I am truly blessed: family, friends, food, and art.


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  1. adam said, on October 7, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Don’t forget you also have twitter, which is free! Ah, sweet, sweet twitter. Now that is the good life.

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