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Greater than 140 Characters

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on August 22, 2008

A few of my friends are in the middle of discussing people that they know in this ATL post (apparently one of the girls featured has the opposite of butterface[1] — cute face, not so great body), but I’m chuckling over this partially accurate line, which I would Twitter, if it was shorter:

LEWW believes that a JD from HLS is like a great bra; it looks flimsy and has a jaw-dropping price tag, but it will support you and make you look better than you deserve.[2]

The only thing that I take issue with is the “looks flimsy” descriptor. No Latin degree with the signature of Larry Summers (whose John Hancock also once blessed the once mighty USD) “looks flimsy.”

Also, based on the comments on the above post, and the way that my friends and their brides were treated in these past posts (#2 and #1), I would avoid the NYT announcements page like the plague.


[1] Ludricrous Speed informs me that “Carface” is the opposite of “Butterface.” Another friend thinks “Carface” is dumb, and offers, “Donut Stand,” as in “Do Not Stand.”

[2] Another HLSer describes this as size 36JD.


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