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No Love Lost

Posted in personal, thinking about cities, urban planning by echan on July 2, 2008

Back when my parents were married (and before I entered Kindergarten), they used to take me to the Pagoda Theatre to watch Chinese language double features.  Their friend Hermis manned the candy counter, and one of my fondest memories is going behind the counter to pick up anything that I wanted to eat (I remember the Drumstick cones).

Now, the Pagoda represents genuine blight (not the fake “we want to steal the neighborhood” kind), and has sat empty and dilapidated for well over a decade.  Yet, it’s caught up in a neighborhood squabble, instead of being turned into some sort of mixed residential/commercial use building.  The Coronet was a far more important theatre in the City (from a community building, Star Wars fan loving perspective), and it was still functioning when it was razed to make way for an elderly (and I think Alzheimer’s treatment) center that’s currently under construction. I think there would be no large cultural or community loss that would accompany of bulldozing of the Pagoda, and we would be better off with a functioning structure in its place.


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