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Posted in politics, technology by echan on June 12, 2008

Our future President, whether he be President Obama or President McCain, may be wise to follow President Bush’s lead and swear off the Blackberry or iPhone.

Mayor Kilpatrick of Detroit, has been stuck in a mire of adultery, perjury charges, and calls for his impeachment that swirl around 14,000 text messages that he exchanged during a two year period with his chief of staff, who was also the other woman. In a messy divorce, Nevada’s governor has been charged with “textual misconduct” after exchanging 867 text messages in a 6 week period with a married Reno podiatrist that he describes as a close friend. Although he claims that it is innocent, that number is 4 times the amount of my monthly data plan.

Similarly, last year, Governor Corzine of the Garden State instituted a no email rule for himself after state Republicans called for the discovery of his emails with an ex-girlfriend in a lawsuit that charged impropriety in New Jersey’s negotiations with the state union of which his ex served as president.

Finally, although there is no evidence that Scarlett Johansson signs off her emails to Senator Obama with “xoxo scarjo,” she’s been touted in the conservative blogosphere as the Marilyn Monroe to his Jack Kennedy simply because she’s blond, busty, and emails the Democratic nominee a lot. Though, it would make for interesting reading in the Barack Obama Presidential e-Library one day, I wouldn’t want it to become his very own “Monica problem.”

Addendum: Also, while I think that Barack and Michelle are the real deal (citing to the victory pound as evidence), should he ever go on a crazy Sarkozy-Bruni bender (this would never happen, btw), I’d like Halle Berry to be our future first lady runner up.

*Addendum (06.25.08): Obama says that he’s not buddies with ScarJo afterall.


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