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Posted in thinking about cities by echan on November 13, 2007

Perhaps the “It can’t possibly continue to go up” versus the “You better buy now, or you’ll never be able to own anything” SF real estate market has worn me down and forced me to accept gentrification as a way of life in this boutique hometown of mine.

New York‘s piece on Red Hook this week, however, introduced a brand new term to me, “Super Gentrification.” According to the article, boys and girls (lawyers and doctors in modestly paid specialties), this is the stuff that nightmares are made of:

This wave has proved so irresistible that urbanists are looking for a new word to describe it. “The old, modest kind of gentrification is no longer happening in the same way, on the same scale,” says Sharon Zukin, a sociology professor at Brooklyn College and the author of The Cultures of Cities. “Some people are now calling it super-gentrification: rich people replacing slightly less rich people.”

I only have one response to this new word and S.F’s $1,000+/square foot housing prices.



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