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Design Within Reach…Not!

Posted in design by echan on September 24, 2007

Most of my friends like to joke that San Francisco-based Design Within Reach isn’t really within reach. The NYT Magazine confirmed this feeling this week, when it profiled Vessel, a design firm trying to move beyond its ubiquitous night lights. One of Vessel’s co-founders commented that he couldn’t get his product into DWR until it reached the appropriately high price point:

Barbeau says the retailer expressed interest in earlier Vessel products but told him they were “not expensive enough.” He adds, with a laugh, “Finally with the Luau we nailed it — by making the price really high.”

As an aside, instead of a new car, I am tempted to purchase a DWR airstream.   If only I had a backyard to park it.


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  1. avidevi said, on September 25, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    I KNOW. There is one in Uptown Minneapolis, and I just laugh when I read the name of the store. How ridiculous.

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