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We are the Doomsday Device

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on January 30, 2007

To take into account the threat of climate change, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists recently moved the Doomsday Clock 2 minutes closer to midnight, and it now stands at 11:55. Unlike the prospect of nuclear annihilation, the traditional factor for reseting the clock’s time, this new factor implicates us all. Through our consumption, we are each responsible for the direction in which the clock moves.

On a related note, John Tierney penned a piece for the Times this week, where he remains optimistic about the direction humanity is headed. The most interesting tidbit that I gleaned from his article is that the the Longnow Foundation founders have started up a project called Longbets, which is meant to foster prognostication and discussion by allowing people to wager money on long-term predictions. For instance, I’m greatly entertained by Freeman Dyson and Peter Spark’s bet over how extraterrestrial life will be found. My big brother / little brother fears cause me to tremble at the thought of this prediction.


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