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Two Buck Chuck Hysteria

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on December 15, 2006

Having seen the permanent traffic jam caused by the tiny parking lot of the Trader Joe’s on Masonic, I can understand why some neighborhoods, such as the Castro, have fought the opening of a TJ’s branch within their zip code. Simliarly, in Berkeley, where the zoning board just approved a new store, residents added a couple more concerns to their list:

“Trader Joe’s is a nonunion store owned by a secretive German family that sells specialty food and low-cost alcohol,” said Steve Wollmer, who lives 250 feet from the site. “Do we really need this in our neighborhood?”

What struck me was the xenophobic “secretive German family” and Charles Shaw complaints.  Is this person trying to suggest at sinister, ex-Nazi’s own TJ’s?  Also, I’ve never seen a homeless wino swigging out of a bottle of the cheap Merlot, so I don’t quite get the “Oh no, there goes the ‘hood, people are going to get drunk on two buck Chuck” cries of protest.

There’s Berkeley for you.


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