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Thomas Pynchon Pulls a Douglas Coupland?

Posted in Uncategorized by echan on July 19, 2006

Though I love independent bookstores, such as the departing ACWLPB (the doctor’s on hand to announce the time of death later today), and the recently departed original Cody’s, even Pynchon “sightings” have evolved for the Internet age.

Edit: I am the only one sufficiently nerdy to care, but here’s an update, Pynchon wrote the blurb, which has reappeared, and a link to the Amazon page in question.

And the catchword of the day is Netflix guilt (see /., Lifehacker, and Newsweek). I sent back a Spike Lee joint (the mediocre 25th Hour) and the American version of the Office (two episodes watched) this week, after holding on to them for 5 months (at $14.99/month, that’s $75 for two DVD rentals). The only reason why I sent them back is I really really want to watch Maggie Cheung’s Clean, which just came out on DVD.


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  1. Bernie said, on July 24, 2006 at 9:29 pm

    i think 3 months was the worst it ever got for me.

    though lately, I’ve only averaged about 3 movies per month, which just means that Netflix is making a killing off me.

    Revenge shall be mine once i’m unemployed.

  2. […] of documenting my reaction to announcements that a Bay Area bookstore is closing its doors. Bye bye A Clean Well Lighted Place (though, thankfully, they put a Books Inc. there).  Bye bye Cody’s (I vaguely remember a […]

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